Sunday, November 3, 2013

Those People.....

    You know those people….those people, the ones who believe it’s their god given (or otherwise bestowed) right to affect other people’s, or beings’ lives, with no regard for the difficulty and trouble their actions may cause those people? The ones who have some sort of peeve, or believe themselves above reproach, ‘justified’ in their thinking and beliefs, maybe even special due to their community standing or some such asinine thinking. Those people, who clearly believe their perception, opinions, and rights, supersede everyone else’s.  

      Well this is to those people. I’m calling you out.

       You are not special. You do not have the right to throw your single minded wishes around as thought they were decrees from god, or government, or whatever you happen to believe imbues your self-righteous sword of authority.

       The reality is that most (not all) of you are lonely elders with nothing better to do with your lives than meddle with others (including other ‘elders’ I’m sure).

        Your lawn might be well cared for, your home might be in order, your picket fence could be white and your car is like new from lack of use. Maybe your spouse has passed on, and you have too much time because you are retired. Time that perhaps feels a little like a tomb at your age. I would hope you have children and grandchildren to help fill your lives with love and laughter, but perhaps some of you do not.

       Unfortunately, I’m a good person who cares about other people (even you goddammit). I can’t help but consider what you, one of those people, might be going through at any given time. Perhaps you are having your own problems aside from the possibilities I wrote above. I have no doubt you are battling with your own demons, as we all do. Obstacles and adversity care not about age.

       However, thus far in my experience, you, those people, are simply high on your supposed horses and seeking to feel important. My compassion and empathy are usually a futile waste of time.

      There have been people like you throughout the ages, usually picking on the ‘little guy’, so to speak. Your inflated sense of importance causes you to believe that it’s okay to do the things you do to cause other people difficulty. I’m sure, in your own mind your reasoning is sound. To those of us who believe in tolerance, compassion, kindness, communication and compromise, your reasoning is, frankly, flawed and ridiculous.

        For instance, if the rest of us can put up with your crap attitudes without getting pitchforks and nooses out, I think the least you could do is be a teensy humble, maybe appreciate that we haven’t set fire to your home or made you disappear.

        In closing, my advice to those people is this: Karma has thousands of faces, and we’re watching you. You might want to take a page from Scrooge’s book, before the ghosts of the past catch up with your cold cranky ass.





Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Miley Cyrus Twerking the VMA's - Why do we care?

And WHAT the FUCK is twerking??
(No, don't explain, I don't actually give a shit).

Here's something FAR more important to think about.


We are being ripped off people! They must be stopped!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Political Douchery

      It's always difficult for me to admit, or believe, that there are people this half-witted walking around making decisions in our society. But they are out there and often involved in politics. Every time I'm faced with something like this I shake my head in silent disappointment...

And THEN (in this case) I laugh my ass off.

My very possibly immature rebuttal:

"Someone must not be afraid to say 'politicians are stupid.' If we do not act now, the stupid people will own America! (Oops, they already do). If you and I don't speak up now, this stupid people steamroller will literally crush all men and women with any semblance of brainpower that get in its way-the children, WOE THE CHILDREN!-and our nation will pay a terrible price!"

Run for your ever so sacred moral decent lives!

The stupid people ARE among us.

Case and Point.... The very discombobulated Tyler!

I'm not laughing. Nope. Not at all. And certainly not AT anyone in particular.

Welcome Misfits, Black Sheep, Societal Freaks, and more.....

       Believe it or not, this blog is as much for you, as it is for my own catharsis. So much is wrong with our society and I think we need just one more blogger out there telling the world how it is, what it is, and why it is. Don't you? (Noooooo, I'm not laughing. Not at all).
    There will be copious amounts of cussing and reflections on how big of a bullet I should use, and where I'll hide the bodies, for this or that person (usually animal or child abusers). I may also muse over what kind of blades to take with me on my mind scape missions of ninjtastic proportions.
     You WILL have to endure clever motivational posters, pictures of my kids (furry and four-legged), bad days where I'm railing against my Multiple Sclerosis or my Diabetes, and posts about incredibly ugly topics as well as topics that might just bring you a speck of joy, or at the very least a wry smile.
   I promise to involve levity and or hilarity whenever possible, since that's one of my talents...(my husband might scoff at my self proclaimed Comedy genius here).
   Life is too short to be serious all the time. It's not like any of us is making it out alive after all.

  There may also be inordinate amounts of humorous cat pictures, pictures with captions in general, and 
discussions involving Super Heroes, the terrible titles of movies these days, said movies, some gaming, and anything related to the supernatural, paranormal, and several types of fantasy. Sasquatch may also make an appearance.
    I'm not doing this for any reason other than people seem to enjoy what I have to spew often enough it seemed like a good idea. I want to share what brings me joy, while hashing what disturbs me. I have way too much forced inactivity on my hands, and I'd like to think that maybe my beliefs, perceptions, and point of view could help someone somewhere.
That's it.
    Oh, and if something I write rubs you the wrong way....that's not my problem. Feel free to comment or discuss, that is part of my purpose here. But be decent about it, and I don't mean foul language. I enjoy foul language immensely. But I live my life by honor, respect, compassion, and understanding. If your ignorance compels you to poke the bear (me), do be prepared for the consequences. That means no whining or sniveling when I intellectually flay you. We clear?

Wagons HOOOOO!!!!